Both Gain Negotiations

Learn Negotiation Skills And Increase Your Profits

Help your team capture the full value of your solutions by embracing century old techniques used by merchants of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.


Two critical numbers. According to McKinsey’s 1992 study a 1% improvement in price results in 11% gain in operating profits. Do the math and you’ll start understanding why NEGOTIATING like a merchant is so vital.

Do Your Sellers Face Negotiation Challenges?

Your sales and marketing professionals are under intense pressure to gain more in a complex business environment. They face increasingly powerful purchasing organizations, savvy well-trained buyers, and unprecedented demands to get more done in less time.

Your teams negotiate too quickly over price rather than business value at critical points in the sales cycle and give away too much. To succeed in this challenging environment your teams must think, plan and act differently in critical customer negotiations.

BOTH GAIN Negotiation training helps your sales team negotiate more effectively not just at the end of the sales process, but from their very first customer contact.

Who Should Attend?

Every Manager who feels they need to improve their skills in giving, getting, and recognizing the needs of the other party should attend. The program is designed to ensure immediate results.

BOTH-GAIN Benefits

Increase Profits

Learn the principles that skilled negotiators use and understand how to apply these principles in every interaction.

Understand value

Give and get is the cornerstone of every negotiation. It is important know what to give and what to ask for however, its more important to understand value and exchange value.

Recognize your inherint power

Power in a negotiation is prevalent for both parties, however, he/she who is alert during a negotiation can use his/her power to their advantage. You'll learn how to be ALERT.

Become creative

Don’t just settle for a deal create an opportunity to increase the potential to achieve an even bigger both gain.

What to expect?

  • Learn from expert trainers who have been negotiating with high level clients for over 20 years.
  • Learn principles and behaviors expert negotiators use.
  • Learn to use a planner to prepare for a complex negotiation
  • Both Win notebook
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Real life case studies

Both Gain Negotiations Training Two Day Agenda

Day 1 (09.00 – 17.00)


Can you negotiate at Starbucks?

Module 1

Value has a formula you should know it to persuade

Module 2

Plan to win

Module 3

You too have power but if you know how to control it

Go negotiate

Day 2 (09.00 – 17.00)

Module 4

Plan and negotiate a both win deal

Module 5

Tactics or strategy, which wins in a negotiation?

Module 6

Behave in line with how your customer behaves

Module 7

Create better outcomes for both parties that’s how merchants of the GRAND BAZAAR succeeded

Give your salespeople the negotiation skills needed to create a BOTH-GAIN outcome.

Customer Testimonial

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