About Us

We’re With You To Solve Your Performance Problems

The first step to improving your marketing, sales and management teams performance is identifying where you are today. We’ll partner with you on the ‘IDENTIFICATION’ phase to assess your current talent, the real challenges your teams faces, and opportunities to strengthen your company performance.

Next, we’ll collaborate with your organization’s stakeholders to identify key objectives and develop a plan for reaching them. Taking into consideration your unique needs, a training program will be designed, rolled-out, and reinforced using best practices to minimize disruption and maximize application and retention.

Finally, we’ll work with you to develop an extended timeline to layer on advanced skills and track the progress of your development initiative.



To improve relations, your salespeople need to go beyond the typical sales conversations and show how value reflects financial value using a story with differentiation strategies rooted in human behavior science and backed by a proven methodology.


To capture more value in your deals, you need a proven methodology that breaks with unproven negotiations programs. These “proven” techniques are key to helping protect your pricing and generate more profit. Proven methods and skills that are rooted in human behavior science helps you close larger, more profitable deals.


The key to any marketing program lies in three critical areas: Find – Convert – Protect. We design programs for each stage of the marketing spectrum and ensure your marketing teams are equipped with the skills and knowledge to lead to profitable results.


We can assess, determine and design training programs that will improve your managers, sales teams and marketing professionals skills and knowledgebase. With customized programs you will be able to address issues pertaining to your corporation or your industry.

What Makes Us Different?

Our main difference is we back our methodologies with secondary and primary research conducted in your local market resulting in practical solutions adhering to local cultures and behaviors.


Right now, you may be feeling some symptoms that have led you to research training for your organization. At BTO, we believe the best way to improve the symptoms you’re faced with today—and achieve sustainable performance improvement in the long-term—is to conduct research regarding how your customers behave together with understanding their needs.

We’re committed to helping your organization achieve success today, tomorrow, and into the future. To do that, we’ll partner with you to improve or develop your understanding of your marketplace based on research results.

We Work With You In Three Critical Areas


We focus on your customers decisions making process and develop your sales teams skills accordingly


We develop programs that reflect trends in both B2C and B2B industries leading to practical skills and knowledge that marketing professionals can use immediately to make change happen.


You need a strong management team to ensure sustainable results. We provided the skills and the tools for your managers to achieve results.

Research Backed Methodologies Ensures Results

With localized primary and secondary research backed solutions you will be able to both convince your teams and also ensure adaption of skills to deliver results.

  • An emphasis on simple and practical techniques will result in company wide recognition of the skills allowing for coaching activity that reinforces new behaviors.
  • Proven methodologies ensure adaptation.
  • And a culture of continuous development will advance your team’s skills even further, and keep your organization ahead of the competition.

BTO is committed to working with you every step of the way. From evaluating where you are today, to identifying where you want to be in the future, and working closely with you to address the gaps that will help you meet and exceed your goals.

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