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Brand Management Fundamentals

The Keys to Being a Successful Brand Manager

In addition to coordinating multiple marketing disciplines and initiatives, brand marketers must now be close to the markets, and this workshop will take them there.

This workshop will cover planning, developing, and directing the marketing mix. Participants will be taken beyond the basics to the practical skills needed to coordinate the efforts and responsibilities of others in production, sales, advertising, promotion, R&D, marketing research, purchasing, distribution, package development, and finance. Through a series of interactive exercises, participants will gain an understanding of the tools and skills needed to lead a truly cross-functional team.

You will:

·         Learn the key aspects of brand management and how to coordinate internal and external marketing and brand health

·         Experience through a series of exercises the uniqueness of your brand and how to manage it

·         Apply what you have learned to become an effective brand manager

·         Discover more brand management learning through peer collaboration, resources and action plans

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • Brand managers who want to make a real difference in driving business results
  • Those who plan on pursuing a career in brand management

Workshop Benefits

As a result of this workshop, you will be better able to:

  • Create a greater business impact by doing more with less, while improving your campaign quality
  • Know what it takes to motivate customers to purchase your brand
  • Execute brand strategy, grow brand equity growth, and craft a killer brand positioning statement


Course outline:

Unit I: Overview of Brand Management

1.1 History and definition of branding

1.2 The concept of brand equity

1.3 Strategic brand management process

Unit II: Identifying and establishing brand positioning and values

2.1 Customer based brand equity

2.2 Identifying brand positioning and values2.3 Establishing brand positioning2.4 Positioning guidelines

Unit III: Planning and Implementing Brand Management Programs

3.1 Choosing brand elements to build brand equity

3.2 Designing marketing programs to build brand equity

3.3 Integrating marketing communication to build brand equity

3.4 Integrating secondary brand associations

Unit IV: Measuring Brand Equity

4.1 Developing a brand equity measurement and management system

4.2 Measuring sources of Brand equity

4.3 Measuring outcomes of Brand equity

Unit V: Growing and Sustaining Brand Equity

5.1 Designing and implementing branding strategies

5.2 Introducing and naming new products and brand extensions

5.3 Brand architectures and hierarchy

Unit VI: Managing Brands Overtime

6.1 Reinforcing and revitalizing brands

6.2 Adjustments to the brand portfolio

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