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This is a sales model focused on complex sales

According to Forrester Research 88% of customers prefer to work with sales people who can challenge them and provide a solution to a problem that they are not aware of.

What if we can say that you have a chance to meet top level clients and ensure a commitment from them at the end of each interaction. Would this be appealing to your organization?

Based on the two key principles of communication you or your sales people will ensure a COMMITMENT at the end of each sales call.

So, what are the two key principles of communication?

  1. Individuals pay more attention what they say versus what you say.
  2. Once an individual begins asking questions this is a sign that they are interested.”

Based on the two principles COMMITMENT Selling will focus on making your customers talk and once they are engaged in a conversation allow you to deliver memorable and impactful messages that they will recall even after several weeks.

The way the system works is simple:

Begin the conversation with an attention catcher, continue by asking questions related to your attention catcher and follow through with a impactful solution. Sounds easy, well it is.

The strength of the  COMMITMENT Selling system lies in the following attributes:

  • Participant friendly
  • Easy
  • Memorable and
  • Fun.

Once a sales person witnesses the system he or she will be enticed to use it. It’s a powerful communication tool to enhance your teams selling skills.

The Steps:

First the participants enroll in a test to measure their proficiency in selling

Then, they will be sent a link to attend an online introduction program (30 minutes) to get exposure to the concepts to be taught during the two-day course

Followed by a two-day instructor led training. The training is meant to be interactive and full of practice sessions to ensure utilization of the concepts.

Finally, participants will be able to enhance their learning via a final web based training called 120 minutes to enhance Commitment Selling.

Upon completion of the online program participants will take a final exam and qualify for a certificate.

What will participants learn?

  • The selling cycle and its steps towards signing a contract
  • Understand products / solution; feature, advantages and benefits
  • Plan for a sales call and set a commitment objective
  • How to start a sales conversation (entice attention)
  • Ask questions (discovery questions not intrusion)
  • Create a memorable and enticing presentation (using a plain piece of white paper! Yes, you got it no power-point…)
  • Present to capture attention and build excitement towards the company and the company solution
  • Finish the call by gaining commitment.

And more…

Who should attend?

Those in sales, marketing and sales support functions should attend this program in order to gain the following benefits:

  • Improve customer relations, and shorten sales cycles.
  • To develop products and messages effectively
  • Become experts in using communication methods that entice and ensure stickiness* of messages.
  • Create an environment of trust and confidence
  • To persuade anyone anywhere.
  • And to ensure a concrete result is gained from every customer meeting.
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